STOP COVID: Expanding Support for Foreign enterprises in Russia

Currently, business processes and production of goods are being stopped due to the restrictions on crossing the Russian boarder for citizens from other countries. Companies from abroad lack the opportunity to send their technical representatives to the local market of Russia for solving production problems and supporting R&D projects.

We offer our foreign colleagues, potential partners and customers the versatile support of their interests in Engineering field within the local market of Russia.
The problem areas are as follows:
  1. Electric Drive Engineering
  2. Power Electronics
  3. Frequency Converters and Servo Controllers
  4. Traction Electric Drives
  5. Industrial Controllers
  6. Electric Transport
  7. Energy Generation and Distribution Systems
  8. Contract Eevelopment and Engineering of Power Eectronics
  9. Information Collection and Processing Systems

For cooperation, please contact the contacts section or email: