«The EC-F-ХХХХ controller for a fan with an electric motor up to 3 kW» NPFM.421417.008 is designed:

  • to control the speed of a free-wheel radial fan manufactured by VEZA, directly connected to a three-phase AC motor (permanent magnet synchronous motor or asynchronous induction motor), with power range 0,55 kW to 3 kW with nominal speeds of 1500 rpm, 3000 rpm (hereinafter referred to as the electric motor) ;
  • to maintain the motor speed using a sensorless control algorithm with a control range of at least 1:10;
  • to perform the functions of motor protection.

The controller provides the input and processing of control commands, as well as software configuration via the RS-485 interface, ModBus RTU protocol and by discrete and (or) analog signals.

The degree of protection against external influences provided by the controller housing is IP20 according to Russian State standard GOST 14254. The controller is designed for use in fireproof environments according to Art. 16 FZ of 07.22.2008 N 123-FZ.

Controller legend structure is EC-F-XXX

where EC is serial designation; F is a fan application; XXXX is electric motor power in Watts.


Product purpose

The controller is designed:

  • to control the speed of the electric motor;
  • to form rotational speed of a synchronous motor using a sensorless control algorithm with a control range of at least 1:10;
  • to form the speed of an induction motor according to the law U/f;
  • to perform motor protection functions.


The main technical specification of the controller is given in table 1. It may be specified.

Table 1 –  Specification of the controller



Rated input supply voltage

3 ~ 50 Hz 380 V with the quality of electricity in accordance with Russian State standard GOST 32144

Permissible output current (effective value)

  • rated long-term current (5,5±0,5) A;
  • short-term maximum current (8±0,5) A for no more than 30 s


  • inverter power transistors protection from through current
  • inverter power transistors protection from overheating
  • power supply undervoltage protection
  • overvoltage protection in the DC link
  • overcurrent short circuit protection

Number of analog inputs

0...10 V, isolated –  1 piece

Number of digital inputs

10 V, insulated, dry contact – 2 pieces

Number of digital outputs

  • 1 ~ 50 Hz 220 V, 1 A, dry contact (1 piece)
  • 1 — (3.3 ... 18) V, 1 A,
    open collector (1 piece)
  • 1 — 24 V, 200 mA,
    open collector (1 piece)


Microswitch unit for 4 positions

LED indication

  • 2 LEDs (green and red)
  • 4 LEDs on the board


RS-485, Modbus-RTU protocol,

maximum baud rate 115200 baud

Overall dimensions, no more

265×185×130 cm

Weight, no more

4 kg

Degree of housing protection no worse



Provided operating modes

The controller is able:

  • to start and stop, as well as control of the motor speed via a serial communication channel with RS-485 interface;
  • to start and stop the motor according to signals from digital inputs;
  • to control the motor speed by the signal from the analog input.

The controller provides the ability to connect an external braking resistor to dissipate the energy generated by the electric motor when stopped in dynamic braking mode.

The controller software implements:

  • soft starting and stopping of the electric motor, the transient time is set in the range 5 to 100 seconds;
  • motor speed control;
  • process Proportional-Integral-Differential controller (PID-controller).

Set of delivery

In the set of delivery of the controller are included the following items:

  • controller – 1 item;
  • certificate  – 1 item;
  • unit package  – 1 item;
  • operations manual (on customer’s request).

Optionally supplied with electrical machines manufactured by "Kaluga electromechanical plant" Kaluga, Russia

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