Purpose of MCB (Motor Control Board) with open software platform is to study development principles of modern control systems for electric drives, as well as to design, implement and test their software, in particular:

- control of various values in electric drive (current, torque, speed, position) and settings of the electric motor protections;

- remote signaling, remote control and digital communications;

- human-machine interface and industrial process control.

MCB is able to control electric drive with three-phase induction motor, synchronous motor, brushed or brushless dc motor or power factor corrector, as well as in two-inverter version MCB is able to control two motors simultaneously.

MCB is delivered with processor module based on microcontroller TMS320F28335 “Delfino” (отладочный модуль Debugger Kit MChip176-28335), TMS320F28035 “Piccolo” (отладочный модуль Debugger Kit MChip80-28035) or TMS320LF2812 (отладочный модуль Debugger Kit mZdsp-2812).

MCB supports majority of required functions of standard servo drives and frequency converters because availability of internal ROM, DAC, ADC, liquid-crystal display, buttons etc. Operating algorithm of MCB is determined by application program, which is developed by the user on one's own or based on given examples.

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