Complete servo amplifier NPFM.421414.001

Complete servo amplifier NPFM.421414.001 (further “device”) is intended to control electric drive of stabilization of Rolling or Pitching Motion (RPM). The stabilization drives are operating to maintain the antenna post (AP) in horizontal plane by servo driving it subject to the ship’s angular position relative to horizontal plane received from navigational system of the ship.
The device can be used also to control other servo mechanisms.


General information about the device

The device consists of the following components:

  • Control Box (CB) NPFM.426471.006;
  • Synchronous Motor ДСМ-1,5-3000-1-Д-ОМ2 with absolute encoder ЛИР-ДА158Б-2-Т-10-05-3-2 (further servo motor).

In addition to CB of the device another absolute encoder with interface SSI can be connected to get information about position of AP.
The distance between CB and driving servo motor can be up to 100 meters.
Protection degree of CB housing is IP65, of servo motor – IP54. On request of customer the protection degree of CB housing can be modified to IP67.
The device has to be supplied by 3-phase voltage of 380 V and 50 Hz with electrical energy quality according to Russian State Standart ГОСТ РВ 20.39.309-98.
Software of the frequency inverter is based on real-time operational environment MexBIOS™ and graphical programming environment MexBIOS™ Development Studio pre-installed into Flash-memory of the processor. This feature allows the inverter customer to modify the software, to optimize it for specific tasks, including to develop and to add user’s program modules both to control power inverter and to build Programmable Logic Controller for solving problems of local automation.


Main characteristics

The device has the following target characteristics:

  • Limiting parameters of Rolling Motion (RM): magnitude А = 20˚, period Т = 9 s.;
  • Limiting parameters of Pitching Motion (PM): А = 7˚, Т = 5 s.;
  • For magnitudes of the motions exciding ±20˚ in RM and ±7˚ in PM the device provides limitation of stabilizing separately in Rolling or Pitching Motion. For angles exciding ±20,5˚ in RM and ±7,5˚ in PM the device carries out smooth electrical braking for angles 20,5˚ to 22˚ in RM and 7,5˚ to 9˚ in PM;

The device has built-in motion simulator with variable period and magnitude.

Technical characteristics of the device are listed in tables 1-3.


Table 1 – Main technical characteristics of Control Box CB



Rated supply voltage, V

3 х 380

Permissible voltage range, V

323 to 418

Rated current (RMS or effective value), A


Maximum long-term current (RMS or effective value), А


Rated power, kW


Protection degree of housing

IP65 (IP67 on request)

Braking device

External braking resistor 60 Ohm

Operational temperature range of environment, °С


Limiting temperature range of environment, °С


Maximum air humidity

98 % at 35 °С


Table 2 – Additional technical characteristics of Control Box CB



Communication interfaces

SSI – 2 it., RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet

Digital inputs

6 it. (group coupling, 24 V)

Digital outputs

4 it. relais-type ones


against short circuit (hardware), overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage


Table 3 – Main technical characteristics of servo motor



Motor power capacity, kW


Rated voltage, V


Rated speed, rpm


Rated torque, Nm


Rated current frequency, Hz


Protection degree of the housing


Resolution of encoder, bit





Complete set

  1. Complete servo amplifier NPFM.421414.001 consisting of:
    • Control Box NPFM.426471.006;
    • Servo motor.
  2. Complete set of female parts of connecters of CB.
  3. Certificate NPFM.421414.001 ПС.
  4. User’s manual NPFM.421414.001 РЭ (on request).


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